03 / 2021
Studio K3 Art Cabinet, Kunstmuseum Olten

03 / 2021
Reboot, GoGreen Art Gallery, Erlenbach

08 / 2020
Stillscape, Studio K3, Zurich

06 / 2020
Paperwork, Zitrone Manegg, Zurich

02 / 2020
Art Blanche, Zurich Main Station, Zurich

01 / 2020
Vertikaler Horizont, GoGreen Art Gallery, Erlenbach

01 / 2020
ReRepetition, Shedhalle, Zurich

11 / 2019
Thread, Flüelastrasse 30, Zurich

06 / 2019
Diplomausstellung, Zurich University of the Arts

01 / 2019
A Very Crowded Room, Zurich University of the Arts

02 / 2018
Sister Stones and Blocks of Anger, Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin


Whats Next Studio ZHdK and City Of Zurich

Scholarship of the AVINA Foundation for the cooperation with a Moroccan carpet cooperative in connection with my bachelor diploma at the Zurich University of the Arts


Collaboration with Gebana AG for their Crowdfunding Campaign ‘Walls Against Walls’


2019 – 2021
Master Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts

2014 – 2019
Bachelor Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts

2017 – 2018
Exchange with Prof. Monica Bonvicini, Berlin University of the Arts

At night and during the day, from birth to death, our bodies are surrounded by fabrics. Wrapped in them, they keep us warm and protect us. This unique, physical relationship leads us to associate fabric with closeness, intimacy and emotionality. When we see fabric,we want to touch it and experience how it feels on our skin, we want to establish a physical relationship with it.

My artistic questions revolve around how I can create this closeness and intimacy in painting.Through the materials, the colours, and the patterned compositions, I create a textile feel on the surface of the painting, while being inspired by processes such as dyeing and weaving.

While weaving is rhythmical, dyeing flows. In my painting, I am always looking for this tension between structure and fluidity. Music is a teacher when it comes to exploring the relationship
between repetition and flow, structure and atmosphere, presence and transcendence. It is through  rhythmic repetition that music creates a surrounding that allows us to transcend ourselves while at the same time feeling absolutely present in our bodies.

It is this feeling of presence/transcendence that I want to create as an artist. So I place straight lines and simple forms on a grid, repeat, mirror, rotate and superimpose them so to create patterns — rhythms. The fluidity of the paint and the indefiniteness of colour are snapped in a formation, only to flow once more with the material of their supporting paper or fabric.